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Indiana Racing School

As home of the legendary Indianapolis 500, the great state of Indiana knows well its share of great races and renowned championship drivers. This 500-mile race has hosted some of the greatest racers of all time. As a result, Indiana is often regarded as the “Mecca” of race car driving. Consequently, fans and amateur drivers both flock to this great state to find an Indiana racing school that can give them a genuine taste of the high performance driving experience.

For the ultimate race car driving experience, it's best to look for a schools that allows you to spend more time learning on the track behind the wheel of a high-powered vehicle than behind the desk in a stuffy old classroom. After all, what good is a “racing school” if you don't do a lot of “racing.”

Let Our Indiana Racing School Bring Out the High Performance Driver in You

With multiple locations across the nation, Sports Car Driving Experience is able to bring a one-of-a-kind racing experience to students in various parts of the country. Our racing school in Indiana features an expert staff of instructors who hail as current and former championship-winning racers. These professional racing instructors lend their expertise both in the classroom and on the track for a truly engaging curriculum.

If you're an aspiring professional driver or a newbie thrill seeker, then you need to come and see why Sport Car Driving Experience was all the buzz in a recent issue of Corvette Enthusiast magazine. You'll never be the same again. For more information about out Indiana racing school, contact the professional racing instructors of Sports Car Driving Experience at 1-800-453-5506 today!