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One-Day Racing School

Sometimes life goes by so fast that we have to schedule in time to relax or just have some fun. Well, when the date book seems to be crowded but you have room to get away for a day or two, well then why not consider a one-day racing school? There's something relieving about getting behind the wheel of a high-powered muscle car and putting the pedal to the metal. Don't you think so?

A number of today's most popular racing schools offer one and two-day programs that cater to drivers of nearly every skill level including aspiring experts and thrill seekers who are just looking for a good time. In most cases, these institutions are staffed by experienced professional racers who provide excellent instruction and effective coaching. Most of all, they ensure that each attendee enjoys a maximum amount of fun and experiences minimal boredom.

Let Our One-Day Racing School Help You Slow Down and Enjoy Some Fast-Paced Driving

With schools in Florida, Georgia, and Indiana, Sports Car Driving Experience is conveniently set in some of the country's most comfortable and racer-friendly surroundings. Many of our students easily make a vacation out of their time spent with us. Plus, our curriculum ensures each enrollee spends no more than 30 minutes in the classroom so the rest of their time with us can be spent behind the wheel of one of our high performance Corvettes.

Get away from all the hustle and bustle and live like a race car driver for a day. For more information about our one-day driving school, please contact the professional racing instructors of Sports Car Driving Experience at 1-800-453-5506 today!