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Sports car enthusiasts who have an insatiable need for speed discover new racing adventures at America's top racing schools every day. These institutions specialize in bringing the professional driving experience to racing fans of every sort. Everyone from business professionals and amateur drivers to young thrill seekers and soccer moms enjoys new racing adventures behind the wheel of a high performance vehicle.

Because the nation's best racing schools cater to such a vast audience, many of them include programs designed for drivers of every skill level. Students are often given a combination of classroom instruction and real-time coaching behind the wheel. The goal of most schools is to make their students' racing adventures both fun and informative.

Find New Racing Adventures With the Pros of Sports Car Driving Experience

Sports Car Driving Experience is one of the best places in the nation to discover new racing adventures in a safe and controlled environment. Our staff of instructors includes professional race car drivers who have won tons of championships and awards both here and abroad. Many of them have 30 years or more of experience, so they add real value to our curriculum.

Join us for a day or two in Florida, Georgia, or Indiana and see why Sports Car Driving Experience was recently featured in Corvette Enthusiast magazine. For more information about the racing adventures available here, contact Sports Car Driving Experience at 1-800-453-5506 today!