I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and Henry for the wonderful time I had at the Roebling road school. The program was great, the cars a lot of fun & the instructors excellent. My instructors Mark and Chip were both gentleman & total professionals. Even though I had had some prior racing experience & schools, they introduced me to much better techniques and brought me to a higher level.


It was awesome-thanks for a great time I’m ready to go again.


Great time! Very professional. Being a novice and never driving on a track I made some mistakes but the team of instructors were very helpful and never made you feel embarrassed. I’m planning on taking another course. Very informative.


I wanted you to know that I had tons of fun and learned a lot. I got to experience first hand some of what I had learned when it recently snowed 8 inches in just a few hours. I was amazed at how I automatically applied a few of the things we talked about, and I even remembered the terms (under- & over-steering, etc.). Therapists talk about how experiences are sometimes stored as “body memories,” and it is amazing to me that it translates to driving skills, too. I got everything I was hoping to get from the experience–I feel like a much more confident and competent driver, and I had good control while everyone else was sliding off the road). I really enjoyed working with Bill, too–he was an excellent teacher.


Henry, Pete, John, Bill, Guy, Chip, Nick, Geoff, Adam and anybody I forgot: I would like to extend my extreme gratitude and thanks for the experience and interest you extended to myself and Brandon during our driving experience. From the efforts you put forth to teach Brandon how to drive a “stick” to your abilities to push me on being a better race driver ; we wanted to let you know what a great time we had with you. I have attended other driving schools but the fact that the drivers ride along and assist you in extending your skills and limits was the highlight of my time in your presence.
Thnx again for eveything Andy

Andy and Brandon Andrew

Hi guys! I just had to stop in and say thank you for the great experience. I appreciate everyone being so friendly and informative. It would be worth a second trip. Cant wait to see some of you on at the tracks. I learned a lot more than I came there with. Thanks again to all of the instructors and Henry for putting on a great school. I recommend this to anyone who is interested. I’ll be back to make sure the autocross times keep getting lower and lower.

Michael Ware

Henry, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for an unbelievable experience! Your meticulous attention to detail allowed us to have incredible amounts of track time. The instructors were so supportive (especially John Z.). I’m a beginner, and I was amazed at how fast I was able to advance on the learning curve through consistent encouragement and instruction. We were able to drive no matter what the weather conditions were….and the cars …extraordinary! Your school truly provided me the experience of a lifetime.

Thanks, Lynn

Lynn Collins

The three Griswold boys have just returned from celebrating oldest brother Scott’s 50th birthday in style at your Corvette high performance driving school and we are all still on cloud 9. What an exhilarating, challenging, enjoyable, well-organized experience. You and your team are top notch. We could not have asked for more seat time or better one-on-one instruction, Even the food and weather were great. You kept things moving and we were never bored. The auto-cross competition at the end was a highlight for me.

Kent C. Griswold, PhD

The Griswold Boys

All I have to say is…WOW! This past week’s driving experience was the highlight of my year, all of my family (Jeff and David) and Jim Dunn had a great time! We appreciate your dedication to making this event a success for all. Tell Pete, Guy, John, Chris, and Chip we will be back this Fall. I would recommend your school to all my friends and extended family…Thank you for the wonderful driving experience at Savannah!

The McLaughlin Boys

I wanted to take this opportunity and send you some lines commending you for your school and the quality of instruction of which I was an active participant last Feb. 9th-10th 2008 (2 day course). The professional and courteous manner in which your instructors led the instructional as well as the actual driving experience was superb. Just the right amount of classroom instruction with the perfect hands on experience which made the two days fly by and wishing there was a third day.

I understand now that what I thought was driving at speed was totally wrong and that your school is the perfect place to appreciate the sport and respect the machine so that you can get the most out it. I recommend this course not only for the traditional enthusiast but also to parents that might want to make sure there teenagers understand and appreciate driving skills which will make them better and safer drivers. I want to thank you for the opportunity and look forwards to participate in your next event in March 2008. Once again congratulations and keep up the excellent work!

Henry Roger

I just want to say Thank-You for a wonderful experience. Being in your school the last two days was one of the best experiences in my life! The things that were taught in class and on the track were beyond comparison to anything I’ve ever done. The quality of professionalism was truly top notch. I want to give praises to Guy, Kevin and mostly Chip whom I spent the time with, for their instruction, patience and passion they all had for their job. Your claims to what your school is about and what can be achieved are far under rated. The whole team of instructors were both helpful, humorous and very dedicated to making everyone feel more confident, safe and focused. Once again thanks to everyone, you’re all the greatest!


“Very professional, enjoyed thoroughly, had a great time, would do again, atmosphere was very comfortable, felt like family. Everyone was open to suggestions, learned a lot of new things as well as better ways to do other things. A lot of seat time. Savannah is a great place as well. Would recommend to anyone interested in racing or anyone who is a driving enthusiast and wants to learn more. I would highly recommend it to anyone!”


Great experience, One on one coaching greatly beneficial, wonderful staff and great cars to drive. Classroom experience beneficial would recommend to others. Even if you don’t know about racing cars the information you receive will just make you a better driver overall.


Just a note to say Thank You and your team for one of the most memorable experiences of my life. My wife told me I seem like a happier person after I got back. I will no doubt be attending some of your lapping sessions coming up as soon as I can. In two days, the amount of information given and the skills developed was tremendous. As owner of my own business on my off days from the firehouse, I already spoke to some of my key staff about a possible corporate event next year. Again, thanks for a great time as well as the education on performance driving. It was nothing short of tremendous.

Bill Neal

I had such a blast! And I can’t wait to see my in car footage. Once again, thanks for one of the most exciting experiences of my life!!!!!


My husband Svend and I had an outstanding time at the school and I will never forget our experience with you and your group of drivers. Everybody was so nice and fun to work with. Thank you so much.

Maria and Svend

Check out Jim’s blog entry on his school experience here.

Jim Bacus

Let me start off by saying thank you for the wonderful experience I had in Savannah at your driving school. It is the “ultimate driving experience” especially for the novice driver. From the moment I was greeted at the track by you and your staff I was made to feel very comfortable in a situation I had never been in before. I thought all of the instructors were true professionals, teaching each student the correct information on driving and racing skills.

My wife gave me this as birthday present and you and your personal help made it one of ,if not the best birthday I have ever had.

John DuBois

John DuBois

I just received the DVD Video and once again I had a chance to feel the thrill of driving on the track. In fact while watching the video I could remember being in the car on the track and visualizing all the techniques we learned. Thank you for a memorable two days in Savannah and look forward to the next time we meet so I can enjoy that thrill again.

Eddie Goldman

Henry, again thank you and your associates for a great Corvette driving experience at the Roebling Road Raceway this week. Also, a special thanks for taking Ann around the track to experience the fun and excitement. Henry, you are absolutely correct. People who have experienced your driving school are the best advertisers.

James Hudock

Henry; we had a great time. It is very rare for someone to do what they said they were going to do, and you did. The school was exactly what you said it was and more, your attention to detail was excellent.

Jim Dunn

Henry I can’t remember when I had so much fun! You took a 60 year old retired conservative surgeon and taught him how to safely and with great joy drive the racetrack!!! I still am amazed at your ability to accommodate my 6’5″ frame. Every one of your instructors were top notch, professional yet very available for questions and interaction. Your Corvettes – safe, magnificent and amazingly well maintained. The track was seemingly very safe (my first exposure). The entire weekend was a highlight of my life. I watch the DVD of myself on the racetrack often. The experience made me appreciate, and drive more, my own Corvette. I recommend this experience to any one even remotely interested in automobiles. Thanks Dr. Bill Thorpe

Dr. Bill Thorpe