Beginner: One-Day Course (offered exclusively at Sebring Raceway.)

  • Classroom
  • Braking
  • Slalom
  • Wet skid pad

Beginner: Two Day Course

Same as above plus Advanced Day one below:

Advanced: Day One

A short 1/2 hour classroom session covers basic driving and on track technique. Then your instructor will ride passenger with you and begin to teach you hands-on. With a full day, students will get FOUR 30 minute sessions during the day with a 45 minute rest period in between so your instructor can go over and review what you just did on the track. He will give you instructions on how to improve your technique for the next driving session. Helmets will be provided to you prior to getting on track. Your instructor will be in the car with you during all on-track sessions.

The most personalized auto racing school instruction available in the industry.

Package deals:

One or 2 day course including hotel and breakfast/lunch.

School cars:

  • C8 Corvette
  • SS Camaro

See Pricing and Registration for options.

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